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Make smart choices by choosing our tracing solutions as you engage in tracing procedures

With Smarttrace as your preferred online tracing portal, you will gain credit bureau information that enables you to perform business and consumer profiling with the help of the internet.

You do not have to install software as it is easier to access your data, you can also search from any location in the world in as much as you are connected to the internet.

Smarttrace (Pty)Ltd  is a registered credit bureau. NCRCB27


Search Packages FAQ
As a renowned re-seller credit bureau, we offer three amazing package options that are tailored according to the needs of our clients, and these are:

This package is available for customers who desire to enjoy unlimited features for a full month. The price for the plan is R1600.00 per user each month for unlimited consumer inquiries for a whole month. Customers are expected to give us a thirty-day notification before terminating the agreement. Payment via debit order only.

Under this category, services such as Basic Consumer Trace, CIPC Business Report, CIPC Director Enquiry, Deeds Enquiry, Motor Vehicle Verification, Know Your Client, and Bank Account Verification (Real Time) is offered at an affordable rate.

As a subscriber of the Basic Consumer Trace Report, you are entitled to the same report that those on the unlimited plan will obtain. This package offers you the opportunity to load as many users as you would like without paying monthly charges. The plan is a package that expires after thirty days from the purchase date. 

We have seven different bundle packages, and these plans offer satisfactory results. The packages are as follows: Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby, Pearl, Opal, Emerald, and Diamond. With different prices attached to each of these plans, the satisfaction of our clients remains a priority, and we look forward to serving you better with the provision of relevant information.

Offline Non-Real Time Reports

As a reputable reseller credit bureau, we are experts in the provision of various offline certificates. You can count on our expertise for the provision of important documents within a specified time such as Death Certificate, ID Verification , SARS Clearance Certificate, and Birth Certificate. Other documents provided by us include Psira verification, Marriage Certificateand Tax Number Retrieval. We also specialized in the provision of documents such as vehicle ownership confirmation of all vehicles, verification of passport, and vehicle license plate history. These documents are processed within a short time as we take fast turnaround serious at SmartTrace.

Kindly note that these documents require different timeframes and you might need to wait for two days or three weeks to get your documents. Irrespective of your documents, you can be assured of our ability to deliver genuine data